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Program Syllabus

CrFA® Program Syllabus

Module 1: Understanding Forensic Accounting

Topic 1: Defining Forensic Accounting

Module 2: Detecting Fraud

Topic 1: Identifying the Opportunities for Fraud
Topic 2: Uncovering Corporate Fraud
Topic 3: Analyzing Financial Statement Fraud
Topic 4: Recognizing Employee Fraud
Topic 5: Applying Fraud Auditing Standards
Topic 6: Building an Anti-Fraud Action Program

Module 3: Examining Fraud

Topic 1: Investigating Fraud
Topic 2: Conducting Internal Corporate Investigation
Topic 3: Interviewing and Interrogating

Module 4: Understanding Legal Environment

Topic 1: Commercial Damages
Topic 2: Testifying as an Expert Witness
Topic 3: Gathering Evidence
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